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100% profits to Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary!
Due to a large response we are having 2 different sized bags this time, a regular and a large. The large contains 25+ samples and the regular contains the usual 17-20.
You can get your bag in the following places
On Artfire
Our Website
Or finally, go to our Etsy where you can also buy either size!

check is out on our website
100% of profits go to Peaceful Prairie Animal Sanctuary
handmade reusable totes chock full of handmade indie items from around the world!

all vegan, all the time

support small handmade businesses while helping animals!


Are you an indie handmade seller?  Sign up to be in our holiday bag now!!

looking for crafters who want to be in our holiday sample bag!!!
100% of profits go to an animal sanctuary which is voted for in our blog
we also have an anonymous donor willing to match whatever we raise!!!

promote your craft worldwide and help animals!

you can sign up by clicking "sign up" on our website!
Hope to see you in the bag!

win a free craft sample bag

Swing on by Vegan Samples and enter to win a reusable tote bag full of craft samples from around the world! It's easy, and awesome!!! 

Vegan Sample Bags on SALE NOW!!

You dont have to be vegan to love these bags, they are full of awesome craft samples!  17-20 samples per bag, from all over the world....better yet, 10% of profits go to an animal sanctuary!  They went on sale yesterday and we sold half of them in the first couple of hours!

Interested in participating in the next bag?  email

vegan artists and crafters needed

We are trying to put together 50 sample bags, all of the samples will be put into a handmade reusable grocery bag, which i need to get working on haha
you are welcome to send 50 samples, less than 50 samples, or more than 50 samples  if you send extra, whatever ones are left will be sent in the next bag, which should be in august
The bags will go on sale april 14th, the samples are due to me on march 31st
and the bags will be sold on the blog, 10% of the money will be donated to an animal sanctuary
there is a poll on the blog to vote for which sanctuary you want the money to go to
before you send in items i will need an ad from you 125 by 125 so i can place it on the blog with a link to your shop
also if you have myspace please add us and send me a message there so i can put you on the top friends
and please take a really nice photo of the items you intend to send, so i can blog about them, and entice people to purchase the bags
I hope I didnt leave any questions unanswered, but if I did, please feel free to ask me.
If you have any other friends who are crafty and would like to get involved, send em my way!

Cloth Pad Giveaway!!!

 I just posted a new blog giveaway, come check it out and enter to win this paper doll pad!


urgent help needed!

Urgent help is needed!
I received the following email from Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary today. They only have until the end of the week to raise the money they need for this, but if everyone pulls together, we can make this happen!! Please help the animals by helping this wonderful sanctuary see this through. To donate, please visit their site or go here.

Dear Friend of Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary,

We have an incredible opportunity to expand the sanctuary by 35 acres and to acquire a 4000 square foot home that will be converted into an Education Center and volunteer / intern housing and B&B for sanctuary visitors.

This kind of capital improvement to the sanctuary is 10 years overdue -- but we now have the opportunity to purchase the property for $100,000.00.

Thanks to one VERY generous benefactor, we've already raised $70,000.00!!!

We need to raise the other $30,000.00 before the end of the week in order to make a cash offer on the property.

Another family has placed an offer and, due to the Agricultural zoning, they will have to use the land to enslave and exploit animals.

Please help us stop it before it starts, while simultaneously expanding the sanctuary and our ability to care for and advocate for countless more victims of the egg, dairy, flesh producers and consumers.

Time is of the essence - if you are able to contribute to this, please let me know right away.

Thank You!
Michele Alley-Grubb
Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

world vegan day!!!

blog giveaway sign up!

 I have done many successful blog giveaways of my own items, but from next week until the middle of December( when I will be doing a giveaway of an item in my shop)
the weeks will have different themes
I will advertise, on blogs, and message boards of the teams I belong to
as well as advertise on the following sites

The following is the schedule, of items that will be given away
I will blog about your shop, directing traffic there, and will need your etsy mini in order to post it in the blog for your giveaway

Starting this friday October 24th, and the drawing will be next thursday October 30
Handmade items, anything handmade is elligible

Starting October 31st and drawing Thursday November 6th
bath items ( soaps scrubs, etc.)no animal ingredients please

Starting November 7th and drawing November 13th
body items (lotions, balms, etc.)no animal ingredients please

Starting November 14th and drawing November 20th
Edibles, no animal ingredients please

Starting November 21st and drawing November 27th

Starting November 28th and drawing December 4th
Accessories (any and all accessories)

Starting December 5th and drawing December 11th
This week will be the week I giveaway an item from one of my shops
and the week where the giveaway will be promotional items for your shop, like business cards, buttons, magnets, etc. 

If you would like to be involved, please contact me asap so I can get everything ready and listed this week!
Cant wait to read all the responses that I get!

Check out my blog giveaway link